The Definitive Guide to Creating High Converting Landing Pages
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Published Date 07 Dec, 2021 00:50 AM
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The Definitive Guide to Creating High Converting Landing Pages

Most of the time landing pages can do wonders in bringing more business and giving a fat income. In-case you don’t earn a handsome revenue; a highly converting landing page is the groundwork of a strong online business. 

Knowing about landing pages:

Landing page is a standalone webpage where you direct visitors to receive more conversion and you reach very near to closing the deal. Landing pages generally have a single focus with an effective call-to-action button. It’s like a magnet that attracts leads. So the page must have a flawless and positive user experience so that you get better leads on successful email marketing. Landing pages basically live apart from your website and are mainly designed to get traffic via campaign. You can use landing page to sell a product, get leads from email, invite people to a webinar, and announce a discount or sale and other similar purposes. 

Landing page essentials to ensure its highly converting:

Marketers aim and devote a lot of time in generating traffic to the blog and website pages in hope of sales. But if customers are not very interested to visit these pages and convert into prospects, you are simply wasting all the time and efforts. This is why landing pages are of such high importance and a perfect landing page is lot more than text, graphics and call-to-action. Take a look at the main factors to create a highly converting landing page:

Compelling headline and a sub headline:

A headline is the beginning; make it interesting and easy to understand. The headline should be attractive, grab the attention of the audience and must be persuasive enough. The headline should speak about the service or product, don’t forget to keep it short and crisp. The word limit must be within 10-20 words and not more at any cost. Attach an image with the title so that the picture itself speaks more than words. A subhead line is a must when it comes to creating an effective landing page and it must have the capability to retain the users. Generally it’s positioned below the main headline and it must have a little more depth than the main headline. 

Understand your audience:

It is difficult to satisfy so many audiences over the internet, you don’t even know each and everyone. The trick is to understand the pain points of your audiences. Simple hard work won’t yield as much result as you would get if you think differently. Set up a well designed landing page and be there for the customers when they need you the most. For instance, one of the common pain points is to save money, so focus on that. Relevance plays a major role and if your landing page is relevant in terms of design, content and call-to-action, you are an expert whom customers would be finding. Make sure that your landing page solves the requirements of the audiences and if it does, it is a hit. Gradually your customers would gather faith and share your link on various social media platforms, their friends and family would also click and your conversion rate would soar up higher. 

Using perfect visuals:

Pictures speak louder than words, therefore the popularity of images and videos. According to research it has been found that:

  • We respond faster to visually appealing content 
  • Almost 90% of the information traveling to your brain is via visuals rather than text. 
  • 85% people remember pictures and other visuals

Visitors would spend more time on your page if it has appealing and compelling videos, visuals is now a main part of marketing campaigns. Images make clearer information and easy to target audience. People feel easily connect to images than texts so place visuals tactfully and do not use stock photos. Instead have a photography team, invest a little more to get higher conversion. A professional Web Development Company in Bangalore focuses on using high quality relevant graphics in your landing page. 


Its all about investing time, skill, money and resources and only then you will get desired results. Get in touch with a SEO company in Bangalore generating more online traffic and getting better conversions. Take care of your landing page from now on, make it the best. 

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