Why People Don't Buy From Your Website

Published On 29 June 2020
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Why People Don't Buy from Your Website

Now technology shrinks the world, everything becomes globalization and eCommerce is the platform for all type of businesses. However, people reject buying from websites sometimes, because of a few flaws in the websites. If you would like to have a website that is compatible with all devices and attracts number of visitors, the best choice is website development company Bangalore.

Here will see what all those flaws are and why one should need to fix it.

Appending below are the reasons why few people hesitate purchasing from one’s website.

  1. Not being user friendly
  2. Low-quality visuals
  3. Lack of promotion
  4. Poor webpage
  5. Authentication and security concern
  6. Insufficient product and product details
  7. Website crashing
  8. Poor user experience
  9. No customer service
  10. No Discounts and exclusive offers
  11. Low Rating and Reviews
  12. Difficult checkout and no easy a delivery option

1. Not being user friendly:

  • Always, a website should be mobile-friendly for the users while they visit it. Some more add-on points are:
  • Quick access for exploring the things
  • The server should be always up
  • Easy navigation between the pages
  • Update Product showcase, restock information and discounts/offers often

2. Low-quality visuals:

Poor visuals create a bad impression among the users; always web pages should be attractive and professional with all required details that customers require. Some more add-on points are:

  • Colour theme
  • Appealing layout design
  • Compelling product description
  • Eye-catching quality images with high resolution
  • Best web designing

3. Lack of promotion:

Digital marketing fetches the best marketing results for all the brands in a recent marketing strategy. Social media is one of the fastest platforms that take brands’ services & products to its target audience across the globe. On the other hand, promotion paves the way for connecting with people and building trust easily. Apart from social media platforms, TV commercials, print advertisements and online ads do bigger promotional actions.

4. Excellent webpage:

One of the best ways to increase your website’s traffic is to have the best website design. For the best web development, Bangalore is the right place to get it. In Bangalore, you can find a lot more good website development companies that develop excellent web pages.

5. Authentication and security concern:

Authentication and security concerns play a bigger part in building trust among the buyers. Check out must be the easier process on your website, wherein users’ card details must be secured confidentially and no card details must be captured and kept in records. Transaction details must be extended with mandatory details and customer privacy policy is the key that should behold by the brand privately.

6. Insuffcient product and product details:

Updating the products gallery often will create enthusiasm among the website visitors to visit your website. You should keep an array of multiple designs, models, et al if yours’ is products and if yours’ service, you should update with key features, testimonials, offers et al. Some more add-on points are:

  • Properly categorized gallery
  • Product usage video
  • Multiple choices of products
  • High-resolution images of the product
  • Don’t forget to mention the guarantee/warranty
  • Services’ features, offers, and testimonials

7. Website crash:

Make sure that your website loads fast & stable with no crashes. If any visitor of your website finds such an issue, he/she will never come back again, hence you may lose a prospective customer and word-of-mouth referrals too. Website development company Bangalore offers flawless websites with proven track records of accomplishment.

8.Poor user experience:

Your website visitor should feel a good user interface, wherein poor user experience will affect his/her shopping leaving a bad impression. Some more add-on points are:

  • Mention clear product categories and subcategories
  • Display certified products with quality assurance
  • No fake and damaged products
  • Dedicated customer call service is mandatory

9. Good customer service:

There should be 24/7 customer service to help users happy and smooth purchasing. Features to track the order status, money refund (if any), and return policy will add more values. Added to that, live chat pop-up should be there to clarify customers’ queries.

10.Discounts and exclusive offers:

Discounts and offers are the golden magnets that pull customers to your side. You should keep your landing page live with hot deals and exclusive offers on your products and services. Think big and bring new seasonal concepts for discounts and offers where you can do huge business.

11.Ratings and reviews:

Ratings & Reviews for product based websites and Testimonials for service-based websites are like the hearts of businesses. Customer experience is a must for a website to get all the above-said boons. Some more add-on points are:

  • Product demo
  • Product photos and reviews
  • Blogs about the product review
  • YouTube Video reviews by the customers

12. Easy checkout and payment option:

Have a tie-up with a reputed banking network for a trustable payment option. Add to cart, wish list, and re-stock notifications (to mobile number or email) are salient features that a payment page should have. Try giving multiple options to your valuable customers such as Cash on Delivery, Pay through EMI, Net Banking, and Payment through Applications (Google pay, Phonepe, PayTM et al). You can surprise your customers with Coupon Codes, Gift Cards as return gifts to them.


Website Development Company Bangalore thinks out-of-the-box and designs the websites outstanding. They keep in mind all the above-discussed points to fix the issue of ‘some people don’t buy from websites’ indeed. Try with the best web development Bangalore company, and you can see the magic of your website sells more and big.

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