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Websites And Its Types

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Yes we know you are curious to know about what is website, its types and its uses. You want to gain knowledge about these that's why you are reading this article. First of all where do these websites come from? What is its origin, why do we need it, what are its uses? If I had to answer I would have answered in just one word that is, “Internet”.

Internet starts from a very basic thing. This is thing is what we call "A Website". We have presented you this article to give you complete information about what is website, what are its types and their uses.

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What is website?

Website is a collection of World Wide Web pages which are related to each other that are accessible through a browser. Websites can be published by an individual or any company/organizations. Websites also includes multimedia content, additional documents, and files and can also contain any information. They all are identified by common domain name containing one home page.

This home page is the first thing appearing on screen when you enter the websites address. You are taken directly to their web site's homepage. Next step after home page are web pages.

These webpages are counted from one to million that means a website can also contain lakhs of pages or just one single web page. “Website is a central location having millions of webpages”.

Why do you need websites?

  • Information gain
  • To provide information through personal websites
  • Completion of tasks
  • To upload information
  • Information regarding jobs, products, government notices
  • Online registrations and etc.

Websites are of many types. These websites are categorized on two basics

Basis of function

These websites depends on the function they are doing for example:

Personal – These types of websites are owned by an individual or two. In these websites a person uploads the content he wants to provide. It can be regarding his experiences, his travel or his own creativity. These types of websites are used to make fame and money.

Commercial – These web sites are used to commercialize some product to users. These sites can be for commercializing mobiles, shoes, clothes or anything. These sites are used for small business purposes.

Government – These websites are owned by government and they give notices regarding it. These sites includes online paying of taxes, bills or used for online registration for government jobs etc.

Non profit organization – These websites are provided by some non profit organizations for sharing knowledge or products. These can be for colleges, schools or companies.

Basis of style

Static – These types of websites are simple and used for small businesses. They provide users simple information about themselves and is very useful for expanding market. The major advantage of these websites is that they provide us good features at low price.

Dynamic – These websites changes dynamically and are used for large businesses. They includes text, images, files etc. on there webpages which are changed without human knowledge.

Accept these main categories there are other websites too which are listed below :

  • Search engine site
  • Mobile site
  • School or college site
  • Blogging sites
  • Information sites
  • Political sites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Social networking sites etc.


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