What is SEO? & Importance of SEO services

Published On 27 October 2015
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What is SEO? & Importance of SEO services

The importance of SEO services are widely known. And if you are a newbie, then it is crucial that you understand how good SEO strategies are for the effective growth of your website. No matter how incredible your website design is, without the necessary keyword optimization, things can go downhill pretty easily.

There are various other reasons that prove how important it is to have good SEO practices. Moreover, it's like a two way street. That is, when you apply SEO accordingly, the benefits are also immense as you develop a good relationship with your clients via your website. But let’s get into all of this in detail.

What is SEO?

Before getting it into how significant SEO is for the optimal health of your website, what exactly is SEO? The words Search Engine Optimization are commonly known and any website/business enthusiast is well-knowledged about its benefits.

To put it short, SEO is a tactic, process or a group of strategies that can help enhance the appearance and performance of your website. From ranking your content through keyword optimization to link building, competitor analysis and more, SEO is one of the greatest innovations to achieve business success.

If you are new to all these, here’s a better insight. Have you noticed when you search something on Google and you immediately go to the first few websites at the top? As they came first in the search results, you automatically assume that they have what you are looking for. Right? Well, you can find the same answer in many other websites as well. But the reason why those websites acquired the top positions in the SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages is because of good SEO practices.

What Are The Top SEO Practices?

Adding the right keywords to your website content is important but not the only aspect of SEO strategy. According to experts and our team of SEO and web development professionals here at Nexevo, here are some of the proven SEO practices that you can make use of to change the fate of your website;

Create a unique content:

This includes not just the body part of the website but also the titles, short descriptions and meta tags. Be it any page for your website, all the write-ups, the greater the creativity and innovativeness, the better the ranking and conversion rates. Also use quality images that can deliver the message in a way that not only catches but holds the attention of the visitor as well.

Keyword optimization:

Adding keywords to your website content does not mean putting it anywhere and everywhere. It is very important to follow the guidelines set by Google regarding keywords so that it doesn’t look scammy. Moreover, when you add too many keywords, it can make the content unpleasant to read. Your website visitor may find it pretty difficult to understand which can easily lead them to approach other websites.

Increase loading speed:

The very first thing that can make a potential customer leave your website immediately is the slow loading. Obviously, who likes that? The loading speed of your website is one of the most vital ranking factors listed by Google. Ensure to use the right tools and make changes accordingly.

Enhance image SEO:

As per Google, when your image SEO is well-optimized, it paves way for better ranking. Use the right file name and ALT text so that Google can understand your images accurately.

Internal linking:

One of the simplest yet powerful SEO tactics, internal linking takes your website to the next level and acquires the top position in Google search results. It also helps users to better understand your content and allows them to navigate without much hassle.

Benefits of SEO For Your Website

If you are thinking of starting an online business, you need to build a good website to bring your ideas to life. But in order to take it to the next level, reach and expand the target audience, keyword optimization and other SEO methods is vital. Here are various other points that tell you how important it is to utilize SEO in your website;

Makes the website more trustworthy:

When your website provides a good experience, more traffic is generated due to the increasing positive feedback. As a result, your website attains higher ranking which makes it more credible and reputable.

Attracts potential customers:

SEO puts your website on the map attracting potential clients which may lead to higher conversion rates and profits. To be precise, good SEO strategies makes your website more visible on the internet and helps to connect with your target audience more easily.

Boost competitiveness:

In order to stay ahead in the game, you need to know the right tricks and tactics. Even in SEO, you should be aware of the key methods that can support the health of your website. Make sure that your website content is optimized with keywords, do internal linking and sufficient research to stay in the lead.

Enhances content marketing:

Great content can do a good job! But if you want to do a great job, SEO is the answer. It helps bring your site more traffic by bringing it up in search engines. Keep the content fresh and catchy such that it goes hand in hand with your SEO practices to achieve the desired goals.

Elevates user engagement:

A website with top quality content and that is well-optimized, results in more and more visitors. In order to raise your ROI, the site should be made user-friendly at its maximum. SEO helps to ensure the optimization of your meta tags and title. Utilize innovative ideas to boost your branding as well as website security. Not to mention, by making your website mobile-friendly, it can benefit your Google ranking.

More affordable:

Usually, if you are advertising your website/brand, a certain expense is involved. But with SEO, you don’t even have to buy any space to promote your website.

Brings more traffic:

You may now have understood how SEO increases your website’s user engagement. SEO can help enhance your website’s ranking by driving more organic traffic and listing it on SERPs.


Given the fact that you have read till here, you may now understand why the SEO industry holds so much power and how important it has become for the welfare of your website. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out because it is worth it. Getting to know more about SEO can help understand how your website functions and make the necessary changes at the right time.

It can also help study the needs and wants of your customers. Needless to say, the SEO industry is growing at a rapid speed and will continue to grow due to the immense benefits it provides. Hope you had fun learning about the necessity of SEO. Don’t forget to reach out to us if you have any questions or need help with all things SEO!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Will my website get ranked on Google without SEO?

Unless your keyword is not a highly-searched or popular term, you pretty much have no chances of ranking your website without a competitive keyword or even a backlink.

2. What is on-page and off-page SEO?

The SEO techniques and tactics managed by you for your website comes under on page SEO. Whereas when the SEO strategies are used for your website promotion or branding, it comes under off-page SEO.

3. Is SEO necessary for Youtube content?

Yes, of course! You may have noticed the hashtags in the description of the video. Or how the thumbnail and caption has certain words specifically. It's these keywords that bring the Youtube video to the target audience.

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